How to Roll Out Your Hybrid Workplace Schedule

December 21st, 2022
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How to Roll Out Your Hybrid Workplace Schedule

Hybrid workplace schedules maximize productivity and work-life balance. Learn more on how to successfully implement this model with our expert tips

Many businesses have struggled efficiently returning employees to the workplace after the pandemic. One popular solution to this problem is the hybrid workplace, which enables employees to work both in and out of the office. But how can you ensure a successful hybrid workplace policy rollout? We'll give some tips and best practices for companies looking to implement hybrid work schedules.

What Is a Hybrid Workplace Schedule?

Hybrid workplace schedules combine remote work with in-person collaboration. A portion of the workweek can be done at home, and the rest of the week can be spent at the office. By adopting a hybrid workplace schedule, we can: 

  • Improve work-life balance
  • Stay connected through in-person collaboration
  • Reduce commuting time
  • Optimize office space

Help Your Employees Adapt to the Hybrid Workplace Schedule

Adapting to the hybrid work model can be challenging, so companies must help employees adjust to the evolving hybrid workplace schedule. One of the most effective ways to do this is by providing training sessions on remote work best practices. Setting boundaries between work and home life, time management, and efficient communication.

It's essential to communicate the benefits of the hybrid workplace model and listen to employees' concerns or questions. Employees may have different needs and preferences, and it's necessary to be flexible and accommodating to them. By providing support and open communication, companies can help employees become accustomed to the evolving hybrid workplace schedule, creating a positive work environment.

Invest in Supportive Technologies

Hybrid workplace scheduling requires easy to use, reliable, and secure technology. By investing in the right technology and providing training and support, companies can create a more seamless and productive work environment for their employees.

This is where a scheduling tool like Litespace can be helpful. Litespace is cloud-based software that offers an all-in-one solution for managing hybrid workforces.

With Litespace, employers can keep track of attendance, manage employee schedules, and communicate with their employees easily. The software also offers detailed reporting and analytics, so it's easy to track productivity and identify areas for improvement. Here are some specific programs that Litespace offers:

Hybrid Scheduling

  • Time recommendations on when you should come into the office
  • Sync and meet with your colleagues

Space management:

  • Inform the location and status of employees
  • Reserve workspace in the office

Events planning:

  • Arrange and manage events
  • Invite colleagues to connect
  • Improve employee attendance to boost productivity
  • Simple team collaboration

Office analysis provides reports on the following:

  • How your office space is being utilized
  • Employee engagement rates
  • Culture score

Create Clear Guidelines and Policies

Clear guidelines and policies are essential for hybrid workplace scheduling, and this ensures that employees have a clear understanding of what's expected of them and minimizes confusion or misunderstandings. The following factors should be considered when creating these policies and guidelines:


  • Be open to employee feedback and adjust policies as necessary
  • Regular check-ins or surveys can help gather feedback and improve policies
  • Signify which communication channel is dedicated for which purposes 

Work hours:

  • How many hours employees are expected to work while at home
  • Setting boundaries that can promote work-life balance for employees
  • Policies around communication can help employees disconnect from work and recharge

Performance Expectations:

  • Establishing clear metrics and performance indicators to measure the productivity of employees
  • Using the help of technology, implement a system for conducting regular performance reviews

Evaluate and Adjust the Established Hybrid Workplace Schedule

Even after establishing a hybrid workplace schedule, monitoring and evaluating its effectiveness is important. This involves regularly soliciting feedback from employees and analyzing productivity levels. It's also critical to track the success of policies and guidelines to ensure employees are supported effectively. Regularly assessing and adjusting the hybrid workplace model shows employees that the company is committed to creating a flexible and supportive work environment. This ultimately leads to higher employee engagement and productivity.

Employee input is where they can express their opinions and offer suggestions for improvement. A hybrid schedule should also be monitored to ensure it doesn't hurt employee productivity. If productivity levels decline, it may be time to reassess the current model and implement necessary changes.

Supervisors should be flexible and willing to adjust policies and guidelines when necessary when policies and guidelines do not work. Be open to employee feedback and change policies that are not working as expected. It can ultimately benefit the company by increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.

Key Learnings:

Companies must invest in enabling technologies that aid effectiveness to implement a hybrid workplace schedule. Litespace would be the ideal platform to start your hybrid workplace schedule ventures. To learn more about Litespace, visit our page.

Mirela Gunawan
Mirela Gunawan

Mirela is a Marketing Content Analyst at Litespace with a passion for helping employers and employees solve their hybrid workplace needs. Currently, a Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in economics and specializing in marketing, Mirela is equipped with the educational foundation to offer tips and advice on hybrid work.

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