90 Icebreaker Questions to Get Conversations Started at Work

May 27, 2024
7 mins to read
90 Icebreaker Questions to Get Conversations Started at Work

Boost team spirit and productivity with these 90 icebreaker questions, perfect for starting engaging conversations at work.

When it comes to the office, culture is really important, it impacts how our employees feel about the workplace and their overall productivity. Many employees have to work together in teams and is there any better way to form a community than having a team that actually enjoy working together?

We don't think so either. Icebreakers are a great way to get the conversation started between employees before any team meeting. It's a great activity to improve communication and build team spirit. 

What are Icebreaker Questions?

To start off, let's get a good grasp of what icebreaker questions even are.

Ice breaker questions are prompts that help start conversations, you can include at the start of a meeting or any other activity to help facilitate introductions.

It can be daunting when you have to speak to a room of people you don't know. Icebreakers are a great way to make things light and fun, get people engaged and make sure they're feeling comfortable to participate. 

Your icebreaker questions can be silly, quirky, get-to-know each other or serious etc. they can help with team building activities, it could be used as a team catch up activity or even with virtual coffee chats

Icebreaker questions do amazing things when it comes to revealing personal information about employees which can be things like favorite snack or movie. When a team bonds this can do wonders to team productivity and attitudes towards the workplace. 

5 tips to help break the ice

Here are 5 tips to help you navigate group discussions to get the team comfortable and excited to answer questions: 

  1. The person leading the meeting should answer the first icebreaker question. This breaks tension and opens up the conversation
  2. The leader should actively listen and if necessary ask follow up questions this unites the team and gives each person a chance to answer. 
  3. Let people interact with one another dont stop people from talking just because you need to move on to the next question this ruins the flow of the conversation - remember the goal is to create conversation
  4. Provide enough time for this it takes time don't rush it
  5. Consider the context of the meeting when deciding on the icebreaker questions- get the team members involved in choose the questions 

Funny Icebreaker Questions

To lighten the mood you could use funny icebreakers. These icebreaker questions are great for meetings after a long week of hard work. 

  • What's your DJ name?
  • If you had a superpower, what would it be?
  • What three things would you do if you could be invisible for a day?
  • Share a random, quirky fact you know.
  • If your pet could talk, what would they say about you?
  • Does your car have a name? If so, what is it?
  • If you could pick one historical figure to help in a zombie apocalypse, who would it be?
  • What was the most unique fashion trend you ever followed?
  • Tell us about the worst haircut you've ever had.
  • Which old fashion trend would you bring back?
  • Is there a simple food you refuse to eat?
  • Would you join aliens on their spaceship if they landed tomorrow?
  • What's your favorite knock-knock joke?
  • Would you rather have a pet sloth or a pet parrot?
  • How would you rate your own laugh on a scale of 1 to 10?

Travel-Themed Icebreaker Questions 

After a holiday, travel icebreakers are a fun way to ease team members back into the work grind. It's a great way to bring out stories and understand what people enjoy doing outside of work. 

  • If you could sleep on any beach in the world, which one would you choose?
  • If you could live in any country for a year, where would it be?
  • What's your best travel story?
  • Which city do you think is the most underrated?
  • Which country left the biggest impact on you?
  • What's your favorite travel hack?
  • If you could plan a team retreat anywhere, where would it be?
  • Who is your favorite travel companion or group?
  • Do you prefer comfort and relaxation or thrilling new experiences when traveling?
  • Who is the most interesting person you've met while traveling?
  • If you could fly anywhere right now, where would you go?
  • What's your favorite trip you've ever taken?
  • Do you prefer road trips or plane trips?
  • What's your favorite local activity?
  • Would you rather live where it always snows or where it's always hot?

Music, Movie, and Book-Related Icebreaker Questions 

These types of questions are great for teams at the early stage of getting to know each other because they are lighthearted and fun!

  • What's your go-to song when you need a mood boost?
  • What's the most feel-good movie you've ever watched?
  • What kind of music do you prefer?
  • Which album would you recommend that has no bad songs?
  • What's your favorite TV show and why?
  • Have you ever acted in a movie, TV show, or play? What was your role?
  • Which cartoon character would you love to hang out with and why?
  • If you could be any movie character, who would you be?
  • Who would you cast to play you in a movie about your life?
  • Which book has had the biggest impact on your life?
  • If you could watch one movie again for the first time, which one would it be?
  • If you had a late-night talk show, who would be your first guest?
  • What would the title of your autobiography be?
  • What was your favorite band ten years ago?
  • If you could only listen to one song forever, what would it be?

Hobby-Themed Icebreaker Questions 

Asking hobby related questions is a great way to get to know your team members and what they like to do in their spare time.  

  • If you could instantly master a new talent, what would it be?
  • Do you enjoy playing video games?
  • What's your current favorite hobby? What's a hobby you've always wanted to try?
  • Can you play any musical instruments? If not, which one do you wish you could play?
  • What's your favorite solo activity?
  • What's your favorite sport or physical activity?
  • What's a crazy activity you dream of trying someday?
  • What do you consider fun?
  • What are two things you're really good at?
  • What are two things you're not good at?
  • If you had unlimited money and time, what would you do right now?
  • What's something you hate doing and why?
  • What's something you love doing and why?
  • Do you have any hidden talents? What are they?
  • What's one new experience you tried that was outside your comfort zone?

Would You Rather Icebreaker Questions

These types of questions provide teammates the choice to choose between two options allowing the team to find out about their preferences.

  • Would you rather see 10 minutes into the future or 150 years into the future?
  • Would you rather have the ability to swim underwater indefinitely or to fly?
  • Would you rather go to a beach destination or a ski resort?
  • Would you rather go deep-sea diving or bungee jumping?
  • Would you prefer to receive cash or gifts for your birthday?
  • Would you rather travel to space or travel to the past?
  • Would you rather smell with your hands or talk with your feet?
  • Would you rather go to a house party or a bar?
  • Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
  • Would you rather travel by train or by plane?
  • Would you rather be stuck in an elevator or on a suspension bridge?
  • Would you rather stay a kid forever or be an adult forever?
  • Would you rather get a handwritten card or a phone call?
  • Would you rather listen to holiday music forever or never hear it again?
  • Would you rather know the answer to every trivia question or the lyrics to every song?

Team-specific Icebreakers Questions 

Team-specific questions are important icebreakers before any meeting. It keeps everyone interested and focused on the discussion. 

  • What's your favorite team memory?
  • Describe your team in one word.
  • What's your team's greatest strength?
  • What are three essential items in your office?
  • Which professional development book would you recommend?
  • What's your most valuable soft skill for teamwork?
  • What's your favorite tool for team productivity?
  • How would you explain your job to a three-year-old?
  • What's your go-to office lunch?
  • What makes your team unique?
  • If you could redecorate the conference room, what color would you choose and what decorations would you add?
  • Share an interesting fact about your high school or college.
  • What's an interesting fact about you that no one here knows?
  • What's a slogan that describes you or your values?


Incorporating icebreaker questions into your team meetings is a simple yet effective way to foster a positive workplace culture. By breaking the initial tension and encouraging open communication, these questions help build stronger connections among team members. 

Whether you choose funny, travel-themed, or hobby-related prompts, the goal remains the same: to create an engaging, comfortable environment that promotes teamwork and productivity. 

So, next time you gather your team, start with an icebreaker question and watch the conversation flow!

Ananya Tandon
Ananya Tandon

Ananya is a Marketing and Content Intern at Litespace with a background in digital marketing strategies. With a goal of fostering innovation and growth in HRtech, she is focused on crafting compelling narratives and strategies tailored to Litespace's unique needs.

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