Is Workplace Management Important?

May 6th, 2022
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Here's how space management has changed and the key consideration in optimizing your office

What is Space Management?

The remote/hybrid work approach has altered our office space management. Space Management manages an organization's physical space, such as meeting rooms, desks, parking spaces, etc. It entails effectively designing and utilizing these spaces. Space Management is critical in today's remote working style for coordinating and collaborating with your team to maximize the office space. Knowing how much space your organization has and how it is being used can help you forecast your future demands and design an environment that your staff will enjoy.


Why do we Focus on Space Management?

Managing the space effectively is the key to bringing your hybrid/remote team together. With technological advancements, we no longer need to be in the workplace to get things done; it needs to be well-organized and managed if we come to the office. Things can quickly become out of order in today's workplace. If done correctly, space management can help to establish a flexible workspace and a setting where business culture can be emphasized.
Space management has become a critical component for companies globally - it is all about optimizing your working environment.

Benefits of Space Management

1.    Reduction in overhead costs 

Running a business is costly; spending money on idle space and furniture compounds the problem. Space management assists in determining the appropriate office space for your company and guarantees that no money is wasted on vacant sites.

2.    Increased productivity 

Employee productivity is influenced by the office space's size, quality, and design. Nobody enjoys working in a congested, cluttered atmosphere, and an enhanced office organization can help employees stay focused on duties and prevent distractions.

3.    Saves time 

You can communicate with your team whether they are on-site or working remotely if you use appropriate space management technology. This saves time and energy for workplace management and the administrators.

4.    Protects employee well being 

Using a space management tool ensures that staff are spaced out. It contributes to creating a versatile workspace that provides a comfortable environment without losing space.‍

5.    Increased energy efficiency

There are numerous resources utilized to power a building. Knowing when the room is being utilized allows you to properly design and run lights and systems rather than presuming that people will require them. Space management enables you to manage your office requirements and use space more efficiently, minimizing the electricity required to run your workplace.

6.    Forecast and plan your growth 

Monitoring your office space facilitates long-term planning. Companies learn how much space is being used and how much more room will be required to accommodate staff as businesses expand.

How can Litespace help with Space Management?

Employees working from various locations make hybrid working more challenging. A "modern" Space Management solution can make the hybrid work style more adaptable and efficient. It has the potential to deliver insights while also saving money, and space management solutions also aid in the automation of the process. 

Space Management Solution at Litespace:

  1. Easy-to-use software that aids in the administration of modern workspaces
  2. A platform developed to empower hybrid teams
  3. You can share your workspace with your team, reserve space for your desk, and schedule meeting spaces for groups to collaborate.

Litespace has a comprehensive space management system.

The way we work is changing rapidly, and to enhance more knowledge on Hybrid Space Management and Hybrid Teams are: 

  • Companies are allowing team members to work from anywhere. 
  • Hybrid workplaces are the future of business, and the need for space management software is more critical. 
  • With technology and tools, you can visualize your office space, monitor usage, and reserve a desk or a conference room to maximize your available workspace. 

Request a demo of Litespace to learn more about how it can help you maximize the use of your workplace space.

Hassan Jaffar

Hassan is the Co-Founder and CPO at Litespace on a mission to help hybrid workers to collaborate more. He has always been passionate about startups and has 5+ years in building products and creating designs. He is thrilled to share lessons learned from building companies' culture.

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Hassan Jaffar

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