May 6th, 2022

Is Workplace Management Important?

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May 6th, 2022

Here's how space management has changed and the key consideration in optimizing your office.

What is space management?

The remote/hybrid work model has changed the way we manage our office spaces. Space management is the management of an organisation's physical space such as meeting rooms, desks, parking spots etc. It involves planning and utilising these spaces in the most effective way possible. 

In today’s distributed working model, space management plays an important role to coordinate and collaborate with your team to make the most of the office space. 

Having a clear understanding of how much space your organisation has and how it is being used can help you forecast your needs in the coming future and build a space that your employees will love.


Why do we focus on space management?

Managing the space well is the key to bringing your hybrid/remote team together. With technological advances we don’t really need to be in the office anymore to get work done. If we are coming to the office, it should be well-organised and managed. In the modern way of working, things can easily get out of order. If done right, space management can help build a workspace that is flexible and create a space where company culture can be emphasised. 

Space management has become a core aspect for companies worldwide – it is all about optimising your work environment.

The benefits of space management

Space management offers several benefits:

1.    Reduction in overhead costs 

Running a business Is expensive, wasting capital on unused space and furniture makes it worse. Space management helps in understanding the right office size for your team and ensures no money is wasted on vacant locations.

2.    Increased productivity 

The size, quality and design of the office space impacts the way employees work. Nobody likes working in a crowded, messy environment. An improved office structure can help employees stay focused on tasks and avoid distractions.

3.    Saves time 

With the right space management tool, you can communicate whether your team is working on site or remotely. Workplace admin do not have to do this manually which saves time and energy.

4.    Protects employee well being 

Using a space management tool ensures that employees are spread out. It helps create a flexible workspace that provides a comfortable environment without compromising space. 

5.    Increased energy efficiency

There are a lot of resources being used to power a building. Knowing when the space is being used gives you a chance to better plan and operate lighting and systems rather than assuming people will need it. Space management helps you manage your office requirements and use space more efficiently reducing the power you need to run your office. 

6.    Forecast and plan your growth 

Monitoring your office space makes planning for the long term easier. Companies get an idea of how much space is being utilised and how much more space will be needed in the future to accommodate employees when the companies grow.  

Hybrid working is difficult as employees are working from different locations. A modern space management tool can make the hybrid work model seamless and efficient. It can provide insights and save costs. Space management tools also help automate the process. Litespace is a user-friendly software that helps you with the modern workspace management. It is a platform designed to empower hybrid teams. Litespace offers features such as sharing your work location with your team members,desk booking to reserve your space as well as booking rooms for teams to collaborate. It is a complete solution for space management. 

The way we work is changing. Companies are allowing team members to work from anywhere. Hybrid workspaces are the future of business and the need for space management software is more crucial than ever before. 

With technology and tools, you can visualise your office space and track utilisation, book your desk or a meeting room to ensure you get the most out of your office space. 

To find out more on how litespace can help you optimise your office utilisation, request a demo here.

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