Employee Appreciation Quotes: The Complete Guide

Feb 17, 2024
11 mins to read
Employee Appreciation Quotes: The Complete Guide

Boost morale and show appreciation to your team with our guide! Spread good vibes, make someone's day, and value every employee.

You've probably heard that old saying about how a company's only as good as its employees, right? It’s totally true!  Let’s be real. Who doesn’t love a compliment or two? A quick "thanks" can really make someone's day, and the beauty of it is that you can dish it out whenever you feel like it! Why not spread some good vibes and show your team some love? Check out our complete guide on employee appreciation – it's all about boosting morale and making everyone feel valued! 🙌🏼

What are Appreciation Quotes?

Do you feel extra giddy and excited whenever someone compliments you? That's exactly why appreciation quotes are important! Appreciation can come in many different forms, like a kind gesture or a quick thank-you message to show that you notice and are thankful for someone. Make sure to let your loved ones know you value them by sending a short and sweet appreciation quote! 

Appreciation in the Workplace

Now, more than ever, employees need motivators that are more than just salary compensation to keep them engaged in their workplace. With more Gen-Z employees entering the workforce, many have stated that money and workplace perks are not enough to keep them motivated in their job. Some other reasons why appreciation for employees are

  • Employee Retention
  • Higher Engagement 
  • Better Workplace Vibes 
  • Higher Productivity and Performance
  • Increase in Inspiration

All of which are extremely important for a thriving workplace environment. No one wants to work at a company with bad vibes, so make sure you are showing appreciation to keep energy and morale up!

Ways to Show Appreciation to Employees

Need ideas on how to show appreciation in a creative way? We got you! We know how difficult it can be to plan a celebration, so we have five creative ways for you to use when you get stuck! 

  1. Throw a Company Party: Don’t we all just love good food and even better vibes? Plan a company party dedicated to celebrating your employees and watch the vibes skyrocket! 🚀
  2. Kudos Channel in Slack: We get it. We are all busy people. What better way to bring attention to a stand-out employee than in Slack? Send a quick recognition message that is seen by everyone in your company!
  3. Small Gift: Who doesn’t love company swag? We sure do! Give your employees some company merch as a token of appreciation
  4. Personalized Appreciation Video: A personalized video is an awesome way to send a customized appreciation message to your employees that will surely tug on a couple of heartstrings
  5. Join in on Employee Appreciation Day: What better way to show your employees you care than to partake in Employee Appreciation Day celebrations? Make this day one to remember!

What is Employee Appreciation Day? 

You might have been hearing all the buzz about Employee Appreciation Day happening on Friday, March 1st, 2024. What exactly is Employee Appreciation Day? Think team parties, giving out cool company swag, and making everyone feel valued for the awesome work they do. Employee Appreciation Day is dedicated to celebrating your hard-working employees for all the sweat and tears they put into their jobs every single day. Need some ideas on how to celebrate? We’re here to help! Here are 3 Employee Appreciation Day celebration ideas: 

  1. Team Building Activities: Tailor team building activities to the interests and hobbies of your employees! Not only will they be more engaged, but it also shows that you care about their unique interests. You can also let your employees choose their preferred way of celebration! Have a poll with votes to showcase you value their preferences
  2. Workplace Happy Hour: We all love cheap and yummy drinks, so grab a happy hour drink with your employees and catch up with them! 
  3. Employee Appreciation Wall: Co-worker appreciation is just as important. Create a wall with sticky notes for your employees to give recognition to their peers! Not only will this boost company vibes, but it will also make employees feel more inspired at their work. 

Employee Appreciation Day for Remote Teams

With more and more companies working from a remote structure, it can be difficult to build team synergy. But don’t worry; virtual team bonding can be just as effective! Here are some ideas: 

  • Virtual Team Games: Hop on a Zoom call and show your competitive side by playing some team games! Alternatively, for movie lovers, Teleparty is an awesome way to watch movies with your team 
  • Hop on a Casual Catch-Up Call: Instead of your typical formal team meetings, host a casual call with your employees to catch up with their lives and crack a couple of jokes!
  • Send them an Appreciation Quote: Communication can be difficult sometimes when working remotely. A quick and easy way to show your employees you care is by sending them an employee appreciation quote that is guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces! 

Employee Appreciation Quote Ideas 

We’ve all struggled with writing a thank you message before. Here are some examples that you can use when recognizing your employees! Don’t forget to customize your message with specific examples to have an even greater impact.

  1. Thank you for boosting everyone’s spirits and looking after everyone during these trying times. 
  2. Employee appreciation day is overrated. We believe employees like you deserve to hear appreciation words every day.
  3. Not a single day has gone by where you haven't given 100% in everything assigned to you.
  4. You don't just work hard. You work smart, which shows in the results you deliver. Your work ethic is an inspiration to everyone in the office. Enjoy this day dedicated to you!
  5. Your collaboration and teamwork skills are exceptional. Your contributions have strengthened our collective success.
  6. We would be ten steps behind if it weren’t for your hard work. Thank you for setting an example and doing the best you can.
  7. On Employee Appreciation Day, I just want to point out how valuable you were toward the completion of our latest project. Without your guidance, insight, and hard work, who knows where we’d be. Thank you!
  8. Your attention to detail and tireless efforts make every project that much easier, and we can’t say thanks enough.
  9. I appreciate you always volunteering to help out with other projects. You are a star!
  10. Because of you, Monday mornings are not only manageable but fun!

Are you ready to boost workplace vibes and increase motivation? Don’t just wait until Employee Appreciation Day to recognize your employees. Celebrate them now with one of the techniques we have listed above, and don’t forget to send them a quick appreciation quote as well! 🎉

Katherine Sau
Katherine Sau

Katherine is a Marketing and Content Intern at Litespace with a passion for digital marketing and business technology. She is excited to develop her skills in marketing while bringing in her past experiences to contribute to Litespace’s marketing and brand strategy.

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