A Complete Guide to Host an Office Trivia Event

Jan 31, 2024
9 mins to read
A Complete Guide to Host an Office Trivia Event

Discover the benefits of hosting a trivia event at work and learn how to organize one with our step-by-step guide.

Fostering teamwork and inclusivity among employees can be challenging. Ultimately, each employee has different skills and qualities. To foster teamwork and a sense of belonging, you can host an office trivia event.


Hosting a trivia game event at work is more than just asking random questions on various topics. It’s an excellent tool for companies to improve communication and break the barrier between executives and interns in the office. 

In this blog, we will climb five stairs to learn how to master the art of organizing a trivia event. In the first step, we will review the benefits of hosting an office trivia event. Later, we will give you five indisputable rules you can easily follow in trivia games. In the third step, we will provide you with office trivia questions specifically edited for ten different departments in a company. In the fourth step, you will have the key to the hearts of Generation Z in your office, so hang tight! The fifth and last step will provide you with trivia card games that have been hot in the market. We hope you can host your office trivia event after finishing our guide. 

What Are the Benefits of Hosting A Trivia Game Event at Work?

We generally associate trivia game events with bars since, most of the time; bars became the hub for hosting trivia game events. However, trivia games can be played outside the pub or at the office. There are several reasons why hosting a trivia game event might be beneficial for your company:

  1. Convenient: Hosting a trivia game event is more convenient since you don’t have to worry about sending RSVP emails to each employee. Probably, everyone would be down to participate in the event since it’s at the office.
  1. Budget-Friendly: Hosting a trivia game event is more budget-friendly than booking an event venue outside the office. For instance, the meeting room at the office can be easily turned into an event area, and the snacks can be bought rather than booked by a catering company.
  1. Communication: As mentioned in the introduction, trivia game events are a terrific way to break the ice between the company's seniors and juniors.
  1. Teamwork: Trivia games are usually played by teams, which can increase employee teamwork and collaboration. They are also an excellent way for employees to get to know each other better.

Trivia Game Rules

Like any other game, trivia games also have a few easy rules to play. Once these rules are established then the game can be played. In this section of our guide, we will talk about the importance of setting rules in trivia games and give you five essential trivia game rules that are widely known.

Why it’s important to set rules in trivia games?

There are several reasons why setting some rules before playing the trivia game. Let’s count these reasons: 

  1. Rules make the game fair and enjoyable for everyone, because without the rules, the game cannot be fair.
  2. Rules can also keep the trivia game organized. For instance, it can help everyone know exactly how many minutes do they have per each question and how many points they have earned during the game.
  3. Rules are great for preventing any dispute between teams since they set the unarguable framework.

Five Trivia Game Rules

There are five trivia game rules that you should know before playing. If you are interested in learning more, please take a look at our blog specifically tailored for trivia game rules, “Five Trivia Game Rules You Should Know Before Playing”

This list is by no means an extensive and a rigid one. These rules are just there for you to have an idea of the basic rules of trivia game. Please feel free to tweak the rules according to the players and the chosen theme.

Office Trivia Questions

Even though the headline mentions office trivia questions, unfortunately,  we are not talking about “The Office” trivia questions. In this part of the journey, we will be covering office trivia questions that are customed for ten different departments in your company. If you would like to learn more about what we have for your department, please check our blog, “Office Trivia Questions: Challenge Your Co-Workers with These Questions”

We hope that these questions can inspire you to come up with different department questions. Whenever you need a bit of help, and you feel stuck in terms of coming up with different questions, you can always some back to this guide!

Company Trivia Questions

Did you know that knowing the history of the company you work on could foster your sense of belonging there? If not, then no problem at all cause now you know!

Trivia games can also function as a great way to get to know the history and the story of the company you work for. Each question can unlock another information you didn’t know about the story of the company. In our blog, “Company Trivia Questions to Boost Your Company Culture” we went over a few questions to test your knowledge of the company you work for. These questions vary from several topics from the most successful product of the company to the color of the logo. They are edited in a specific way to test your conscious and unconscious knowledge on the company.

Generation Z Trivia Questions

Probably, most of the interns at your company is Generation Z. Let’s be honest, these newbies are %100 different than the previous generations due to various reasons. For instance, they tend to be more techsavvy compared to other generations because they were basically born in the internet era. They are also more pragmatic and realistic due to the economic environment they were born to.

If you are looking several ways to get to know them more, the easiest way is to organize a trivia game event. We’re sure that they’ll love playing trivia games, especially when they’re specifically edited for their vocabulary. If you’re looking for popular Generation Z questions, you can take a look at our blog “10 Popular Generation Z’s Trivia Questions and Answers.”

Trivia Card Games

Before we reach the end, we have to mention the last step in our guide, which is providing you five card game examples. The themes of this game range from history to mystrey ones. They can easily light up an event you organize and elevate the team spirit. We prepared a list of five card games that are popular in 2024. If you are interested in finding a game to elevate the spirits at the office, you can look at our blog, “Trivia Card Games You Need To Elevate The Team Spirit in 2024”


Organizing a trivia game event at work isn't just about asking random questions. It's a terrific way to cherish communication, bridge gaps between seniors and juniors from all departments.

As we've journeyed through this blog, we've climbed five stairs together to master the art of hosting a trivia event. We explored the benefits of hosting such an event right in your office. Later on, we delved into the basic rules that make trivia games fair and organized. As we climbed up, we presented custom made trivia questions for understanding the history and culture of your own company. Along the way, we also included the characteristics of Generation Z and how trivia games can serve as a fun way to connect with them. And lastly, we've introduced you to a selection of trivia card games that are popular in 2024.

We hope that with this guide you can organize a fantastic trivia game event. Here's to an epic trivia adventure ahead!

Gayé Padir
Gayé Padir

Gaye is a Marketing and Content Intern at Litespace. She completed her bachelor's in sociology and later obtained a certificate in marketing. She's eager to combine her sociology knowledge and marketing to create compelling content for Litespace.

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