Crowdlinker - How Litespace is Revolutionizing Hybrid Teams

Crowdlinker, a consulting company, went fully remote during the pandemic. They reopened their office in early 2022 to adopt a hybrid model but their employees struggled to follow the COVID policies and employee engagement decreased. Therefore, they came to us for a solution.

Jack Lau
March 17, 2024
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Hybrid work, a blend of in-office and remote work, has become the norm for many organizations as they navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While hybrid work has its benefits, it also presents unique challenges for companies looking to maintain strong company culture and employee engagement. Litespace is a SaaS platform that aims to solve these challenges by providing a comprehensive suite of tools for managing hybrid teams.

The Challenges of Hybrid Work

The problems associated with hybrid and remote have been studied under the microscope by many researchers and consultants: 

  • According to a survey by Slack, 75% of employees reported feeling less connected to their coworkers while working remotely. In addition, 59% of employees reported feeling more isolated and disconnected from their direct teammates.
  • Turnover rate is another crucial KPI that has spiked during the COVID pandemic, and it illustrates the trend commonly referred to as “The Great Resignation”. Companies are experiencing a sharp increase in staff turnover, especially in new hires and top talent.
  • Another issue is the difficulty in managing and optimizing office space. With employees working from different locations, it can be challenging to track space utilization and identify opportunities for cost savings. This can lead to wasted resources and higher expenses.

Case Study: Crowdlinker

Case Study: How Litespace Improved Collaboration and Productivity at Crowdlinker

Crowdlinker is a 50-employee tech company based in Toronto that was struggling to maintain a strong corporate culture and boost employee engagement in its hybrid work environment. As a solution, they turned to Litespace's hybrid workplace management platform to help them reconnect their team and improve collaboration.

One key feature that benefited Crowdlinker was Litespace's intelligent scheduling tool, which helped employees optimize their work schedules and collaborate more efficiently. This resulted in an estimated 15% increase in productivity as employees reported that they were able to complete tasks more quickly and effectively as a team.

In addition to improving work productivity, Litespace also helped Crowdlinker improve their corporate culture. The platform's event planning feature made it easy for employees to connect and plan team-building events, fostering a sense of community and improving morale. Litespace also provided notifications for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones, encouraging employees to celebrate these special occasions together in the office. The increased work efficiency and sense of community, especially key for new employees, increased Crowdlinker’s monthly employee retention by 25%.

HR Business Partner, Jane, was thrilled with the results that Litespace delivered for Crowdlinker. She particularly appreciated the real-time visibility into executive presence in the office, which allowed her to schedule meetings and get in-person feedback on important projects more efficiently. "Our team has never been more connected or motivated," she said. "Litespace has truly transformed the way we work and has helped us create a positive, inclusive culture that supports our employees. Our office monthly office attendance increased by 30% as others felt the same benefit of getting facetime with key executives and leadership.”

Overall, Litespace's hybrid workplace management platform has been a game-changer for Crowdlinker, helping them improve productivity, boost morale, and strengthen their corporate culture

How Litespace Helps

Litespace addresses these challenges by providing a platform for managing hybrid teams. With Litespace, employees can easily schedule and coordinate their in-office and remote work, connect with colleagues on personal interests and participate in events and activities to foster a sense of community.

The Litespace platform also includes office utilization analytics, which helps companies optimize their office space and resources. By understanding how employees prefer to use the office, companies can make informed decisions about how to best utilize available space and resources.


In the future of work, hybrid teams will continue to be a common model for organizations. Litespace provides the solution for managing these teams and addressing the unique challenges of hybrid work. By fostering a strong company culture and boosting employee engagement, Litespace helps companies maximize productivity and drive success.


  • Lack of clarity on who's coming into the office
  • Hard to create a coffee chat since everyone has a different in-office schedule
  • Company event attendance rate dropped significantly


  • Enable employees to easily schedule and coordinate their in-office and remote work
  • Connect coworkers on personal interests
  • Help organized company events to foster a sense of community

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