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Eliminate confusion on how to connect and engage your workforce. We help reduce the number of engagement tools through one platform to unlock higher employee engagement, improve retention and increase productivity.

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Empower Meaningful Relationships

Coffee Chat & 1on1s

Forge New Relationships and Reignite Current Ones
Find new connections at your workplace through automated coffee chats, taking out the hassle of finding the right time and person to meet. We help individuals network and interact with folks they otherwise wouldn’t have met.
Two people sitting across each other, establishing their hybrid work schedule

Team Activities

Effortless Team Bonding
Discover 100+ team building, DEI, and social activities templates. We equip team leads and HR to build custom in-person and virtual team activities in seconds. Easily connect your communication tools (google & slack etc) so everyone stays in the loop for the next activity.
Two people sitting across each other, establishing their hybrid work schedule


Connect Beyond Boundaries
Communities are a great way to connect your ERGs and interest based groups to create a sense of belonging. We help you build and manage communities with seamless integrations to Slack and Teams
Two people sitting across each other, establishing their hybrid work schedule

Engage Your Team Now!

Roll out engagement strategies and programs in under 30 minutes, not weeks!

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Rapid and Easy Implementation

Quickly launch engagement strategies and programs, saving valuable time and resources.

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2x Increase in Productivity

Focus more on execution and results rather than prolonged planning and setup.

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Enhanced Employee Engagement

Swiftly introduce initiatives that boost morale and involvement, leading to a more motivated workforce.

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Cost Efficiency

Consolidate all your processes in one place saving you money in acquiring other tools.

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Easily adapt and scale programs as your company grows without extensive delays.

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Data-Driven Insights

Gain immediate access to feedback and analytics to refine and optimize engagement strategies in real-time.

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