Measure Your Impact

Centralize your team activities on one platform to attain in-depth understanding of team dynamics and a comprehensive view of your company culture's evolution

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Get a Pulse of Workplace Engagement

Engagement Report

Get a pulse on your engagement
Review how engagement initiatives impact the employee experience with real-time data on coffee chat interactions, event attendance and in-office presence. Eliminate data silos with all of your data in one place to help you make key decisions to improve attrition, eNPS, and team satisfaction.
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Availability Insight

Optimize productivity through insights
Achieve optimal work-life balance and combat burnout with data-driven insights. Empower your organization to pinpoint peak productivity hours by analyzing engagement patterns, in-office presence, and meeting schedules.
Two people sitting across each other, establishing their hybrid work schedule

Actionable Plan

Turn insight into action
Let data be your guide to building a strong culture. Translate data and insights into actionable steps for optimizing your employee experience. Keep teams, managers, and executives in the loop on their impact on culture and how to continuously improve.
Two people sitting across each other, establishing their hybrid work schedule

Turn Insight to Action

Transform insights into action: elevate engagement, boost productivity, and strengthen culture with Litespace Analytics!

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Holistic Overview

Keep all stakeholders informed about their impact on culture, ensuring alignment and a cohesive approach to improvement.

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Actionable Strategies

Convert insights into concrete actions, guiding teams and managers to continuously enhance the employee experience.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Eliminate data silos and centralize information to make key decisions that improve retention, eNPS, and overall team happiness.

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Comprehensive Culture Insights

Gain a deep understanding of team dynamics and company culture evolution, enabling informed decision-making.

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Boost Employee Engagement

Real-time data on interactions and attendance helps you tailor initiatives to boost employee engagement and satisfaction.

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Double Your Team Productivity

Identify peak productivity hours and optimize work schedules to maximize efficiency and minimize burnout.

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