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Whether you're fully remote, hybrid or in-person, Litespace bridges the gap between schedules, collaborations, and space optimization. Embrace the future of work with a tool that scales with your team, ensuring everyone stays connected, no matter where they work from.

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Help you Find the Right Time and Place to Meet

Calendar View

Seamless Time Management Built for the Modern Workplace
Your ultimate solution for managing availability across different time zones. Our platform seamlessly integrates multiple calendars to provide a view of when everyone is available. Say goodbye to meeting overload and unlock focused, productive time for your team!
Two people sitting across each other, establishing their hybrid work schedule

Smart Hybrid Scheduling

Make Your Hybrid Work Successful
Litespace recommends the best office days for your teams, taking into account who's coming in, upcoming events, and your RTO policy. Just set your desired in-office days, and our intelligent system handles the rest, ensuring your teams enjoy flexibility while meeting in-office expectations seamlessly.
Two people sitting across each other, establishing their hybrid work schedule

Office Space Management

Office capacity and Room Booking Management
Elevate your workspace with Litespace, enabling effortless room bookings and smart office capacity management from one platform. Optimize space usage to avoid overcrowding and ensure no corner goes underused. Streamline office logistics and unlock a more productive environment.
Two people sitting across each other, establishing their hybrid work schedule

Optimize Scheduling and Workspace Efficiency

Streamline scheduling and maximize workspace efficiency with Litespace, ensuring seamless collaboration and productivity for remote, hybrid, and in-person teams.

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Automated Scheduling

Simplify schedule management across remote, hybrid, and in-person teams.

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Calendar Integration

Combine multiple calendars to view team availability and reduce meeting overload.

icon for smart AI scheduling

Smart AI Scheduling

Recommend the best office days based on team presence, events, and policies.

Room Booking Management

Effortlessly book meeting rooms and manage office space capacity.

icon for office space optimization

Office Space Optimization

Ensure optimal use of office space to prevent overcrowding and underuse.

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Enhanced Team Collaboration

Bridge scheduling gaps to keep teams connected and productive, regardless of location.

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