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360 Feedback

What is 360 Feedback?

360 feedback, also known as multi-source or multi-rater feedback, is a type of way for individuals to understand their personal strengths and weaknesses using feedback from colleagues. This type of feedback consists of gathering information from direct reports, peer reviews, and managers. In 360 reviews, feedback is generally anonymous, allowing for the most truthful and helpful feedback. 

Benefits of 360 Feedback 

  1. Better and more well-rounded feedback: 360 feedback allows for a more diverse range of feedback since it pulls feedback from multiple people at different levels. This allows for a more broad and accurate insight into their performance. 
  2. Improves performance: Since 360 feedback is more specific and accurate, it allows employees to narrow down what they need to work on and improve. 
  3. Employees trust: With multiple sources of feedback, employees tend to trust 360 feedback more as it offers a variety of perspectives. Since 360 feedback is typically anonymous, it allows people to speak freely and be candid in their feedback. 

Cons of 360 Feedback

  1. Right participants and method needed: In order for 360 feedback to be effective, it has to be administered by the right people. If there is not a wide range of raters, the results are most likely to be skewed, which does not produce accurate feedback. 
  2. More effort required: Since 360 feedback requires gathering feedback from multiple people, it takes extra effort as compared to other feedback styles. Furthermore, if individuals are investing their time into giving 360 feedback but do not see action being taken, they may feel frustrated for the wasted time.

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