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Employee Appreciation

What is Employee Appreciation?

Employee Appreciation refers to all the actions the employer takes to demonstrate appreciation for employees' contributions to the company. It motivates employees and makes them aware that they're being appreciated for their efforts.

Why is Employee Appreciation Essential?

  1. Boosts Motivation: Showing appreciation towards employees boosts their morale and, in return, enhances their commitment and contribution to the company. 
  2. Decreases Turnover: Employees who feel appreciated stay longer at the same organization. Therefore, their turnover rate falls as they feel recognized.
  3. Attracts Talent: Satisfied employees are more likely to speak of their organization positively, which will attract more talent as the company's reputation spreads.
  4. Enhances Performance: Motivated employees will contribute more to their company and put in more effort, thereby increasing overall performance and productivity.

Creative Ideas to Show Employee Appreciation:

There are numerous ways to show appreciation to employees, and here are a few examples:

  1. Organizing a surprise event and inviting all other departments to celebrate it together.
  2. Sending personalized and hand-written notes to display value to each individual.
  3. Offering a day off and arranging an outside work activity under the employee’s name.
  4. Collaborating with other colleagues to prepare a special presentation.
  5. Creating a special award, plate or trophy personalized for each employee.
  6. Posting a particular post on social media platforms to enforce social recognition. 
  7. Offering a discount on their favourite restaurant or shop to treat them.

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