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Employee Engagement

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement refers to employees’ commitment, dedication, and eagerness toward their work and organization. Fundamental components of employee engagement include a noticeable investment in the role, feeling motivated to give the best effort, and finding fulfillment from job satisfaction.

What are the benefits of Employee Engagement?

Highly engaged employees tend to be more committed to their work and directly contribute to their company's success. Here are some benefits of employee engagement:

  1. Higher Employee Loyalty: Engaged employees feel more loyal to their company because they perceive themselves as part of the organization's overall achievement. Therefore, engaged employees are more likely to speak positively about the company.
  2. Increased Employee Morale: Employees engaged in their jobs and organizations tend to have higher morale. Consequently, enhanced levels of employee morale correspond to the long-term morale of the organization.
  3. Reduced Day Offs: Generally, employees are committed to their jobs, and companies are less likely to take days off. Therefore, with less absenteeism, the organization's operations can run smoothly.
  4. Sense of Belonging: A sense of belonging within the organization originates from establishing a positive relationship with colleagues and feeling comfortable in the company.

What are some ways to improve employee engagement?

  • Engage Managers: It’s essential to ensure smooth communication between the managers and the juniors. Managers are crucial as they shape and coach employees’ future within the establishment.
  • Organize Activities: Bonding with colleagues over challenging projects is essential, yet bonding over activities outside work is also a great way to increase employee engagement.
  • Recognize Hard Work: Each employee brings outstanding effort and work to the organization. Thus, it’s important to acknowledge employees’ hard work, dedication and contribution. 
  • Allow Autonomy: Letting employees have autonomy in specific projects related to their field will enhance engagement.
  • Offer Growth: Professional development is crucial to all employees, from juniors to seniors. Therefore, investing in mentorship and training programs for all employees will offer growth within the same company. 

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