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Employee Experience

What is Employee Experience?

Employee Experience refers to all interactions employees encounter throughout their journey at the company. It involves all the events, feelings, and relationships employees have experienced with the company, organization, and colleagues.

What are the three components of Employee Experience?

The employee experience can only be complete with these three components: physical, digital, and cultural experience. Here’s the explanation of each element:

  1. Physical Experience: Physical experience consists of all the physical elements that employees experience, such as the location of the office, the coziness of the environment, and noise at the office. 
  2. Digital Experience: Digital experience comprises the tools employees use to communicate and interact with one another. The design or the convenience of the tool also dictates the digital experience.  
  3. Cultural Experience: Values, beliefs, and explicit and implicit behaviours are all examples of cultural experience. 

How to Improve Employee Experience?

There are several components that a company can take to make their employee experience exceptional. Here are some examples:

  • Listening to feedback is fundamental as it will shape the overall employee experience.
  • Conducting regular and anonymous will give unbiased insights into the experience.
  • Offering up-to-date services and benefits to employees will boost employees’ physical experience. 
  • Giving autonomy and freedom to take charge of specific projects will increase innovation.
  • Celebrating special occasions and milestones will enhance the cultural experience.

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