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Employee Recognition

What is Employee Recognition?

Employee Recognition refers to when a company acknowledges its staff for their performance. It can take many forms, like a dedicated shout-out or a work promotion. Employee recognition is crucial for boosting company culture, increasing employee morale, and increasing employee engagement. A simple thank you message can make someone’s day; employee recognition is the ideal way to show employees that the company cares for them.

Reasons why employee recognition is necessary:

  1. Employee Retention: The happier the employees are, the more they will want to stay at their jobs! Talent retention is important for a good company environment. 
  2. Strong Company Culture: Employee engagement makes the culture of a company, and appreciation for employees appreciation can help boost company vibes. 
  3. Increase in Inspiration: When employees are acknowledged, they will feel more motivated to keep up with their work ethic. Employee appreciation will push them to feel inspired and be more productive! 

Ways to celebrate employees:

  1. Kudos Channel in Slack: Dedicate a channel in your team Slack for acknowledging employees and their work throughout the year!
  2. Personalized Appreciation Video: As cheesy as the video may be, it is an awesome way to send a customized appreciation message to your employees. 
  3. Throw a Small Company Party: What better way to celebrate than good food and happy vibes? Throw a small company lunch party for your employees!

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