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Exit Interview

What is an Exit Interview?

An Exit Interview is the final interview between an employee and an HR professional before the employee leaves the establishment. This interview is designed for the organization to learn more about their shortfalls and provides crucial insights on future improvement.

What are some questions a recruiter can ask on the exit interview?

The HR professional or recruiter can ask the employee a few questions during this final interview. Here are some questions for HR professionals:

  • What were some factors that influenced your decision to leave your current role?
  • Were you satisfied with the communication you had with your supervisors?
  • How would you describe your relationship with your colleagues?
  • Do you have any suggestions for the management of your department?
  • What would have made you stay in our organization?
  • Are the company benefits competitive compared to other organizations?
  • What areas should the company focus on improving?
  • What was your overall experience, and would you recommend this job/company to someone?

How to conduct an exit interview?

Conducting an exit interview can be challenging for both parties, but a successful last interview can be insightful for the organization. Here’s our guide to running a successful exit interview:

  1. Select the Interviewer: Preventing any bias or pressure on the employee is crucial. Therefore, the interview can be conducted by a member of the HR professional who has yet to become acquainted with it.
  2. Prepare: Preparing before the interview can allow the interviewer to get to know the employee better and provide information to make them feel more comfortable.
  3. Complete a Survey: Handing out a written survey before the interview can help the employee prepare for it. The questionnaire can address questions similar to those in the original exit interview to ensure clarity. 
  4. Schedule the Interview: The last step is to schedule an in-person meeting, which builds rapport and moderates open communication. Listen carefully to the employee's questions and always maintain a positive and relaxed environment.

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