An HR Glossary for HR Terms


What are Integrations? 

Integration involves linking your HR software to other business management software to assist process of daily activities. HR integrations are the use of a 3rd party or in-house solution to connect all HR applications with another cloud app or on-premise system. Once the integration is implemented, data can flow between the systems seamlessly. 

Why are Integrations Important? 

If your HR systems are integrated with each other along with the rest of your tech platforms, it will allow for faster access to current developments, figures, and data, which can make processes simpler and easier to manage. Companies will no longer have to rely on external tools to analyze their data as you can view the insights, data, and statistics in one tool.

Benefits of HR Integrations 

  1. Enhance communication and collaboration: Sharing information, feedback, and best practices can help create a common vision, mission, and values for different teams.
  1. Streamline processes and systems: HR integration across functions can streamline the processes and systems that support human capital management, reducing costs and risks associated with HR operations.
  1. Leverage data and analytics: Integration can leverage data and analytics that the HR function collects and generates, leading to valuable insights and recommendations, leading to improvements in the strategic planning, forecasting, and evaluation of the business performance and outcomes.
  1. Drive innovation and change: By collaborating with the other functions, the HR function can help identify and implement new ideas, solutions, and practices that can enhance the competitive advantage and sustainability of the business.
  1. Engage and develop talent: By aligning the HR programs and initiatives with the career aspirations and expectations of the employees, the HR function can help create a positive employee experience and employer brand.
  2. Achieve organizational goals: By aligning the HR strategy and actions with the business strategy and actions, the HR function can help ensure that the human capital is aligned, motivated, and productive.

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