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What is Kudos?

Kudos is a positive affirmation used to convey praise and admiration to someone. It is commonly used to acknowledge an individual’s achievements, efforts, or exceptional qualities.

Why should you give Kudos?

Giving kudos fosters a supporting and motivating environment. When you pass kudos to someone, you are essentially passing a compliment that they have earned. This can be anything from a simple ‘kudos to you’ or ‘thank you’, to a prize reward. Like standard appreciation, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all way of passing kudos. They can be given individually or collectively, and are a great way to uplift morale, boost recognition, and encourage a culture of appreciation.

What are some best practices for giving Kudos?

Be specific and genuine: Let employees know exactly what they did well, their impact, and the aspects that stood out. Being specific adds depth to the compliment and shows that you genuinely understand and value the person’s contributions.

Choose the right format: There are a number of ways you can give kudos. Kudos can be verbal or non-verbal, and can be given:

  • As shout-outs in team meetings
  • In performance reviews or one-on-one meetings
  • During regular conversations
  • As a written note
  • Through an email sent personally or to the team
  • As a shout-out on a company messaging platform

Be timely: If a team member successfully manages a challenging project, don't wait weeks to acknowledge their efforts. Offer kudos promptly to show that you are attentive of your coworker’s hard work and accomplishments.

Make it regular: Kudos don’t always have to be given only for big achievements. The smaller wins and contributions should be noticed as well. There’s no need to force it, but try to make it a habit to pass compliments for things like meeting deadlines, great teamwork, and taking initiative.

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