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Wellness Program

What are Wellness Programs?

Employee wellness programs are implemented by employers to help improve employee health and achieve personal health-related goals. These programs educate and encourage employees to pursue a healthier lifestyle and focus on their overall wellness. A company can offer employee training, and seminars, or work with third-party wellness providers to implement these programs.

Benefits of wellness programs:

  1. Increase in productivity: Employees who sleep well, eat healthily, and exercise regularly are likely to be more productive than those who don’t. Poor health habits are linked to chronic stress and high levels of unproductivity, which can lead to health risks in the long run. 
  2. Increase employee retention: A wellness program can help with employee retention, as they are influenced by health offerings and other benefits. Wellness programs play a vital role in keeping employees loyal to a company. 
  3. Reduced health risks: With a wellness program encouraging employees to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, it reduces the risk of long-term health issues. In turn, this causes more healthy and productive employees. 

Examples of wellness initiatives:

  1. Healthy office lunch and snacks: Many employees may opt to eat fast food due to their short lunch breaks. However, if employers can provide extra lunch time for employees, it can encourage healthier eating habits. Furthermore, having healthy office snacks can also encourage a healthier diet. 
  2. Health education programs: Health programs can help educate and encourage employees to take care of their bodies. It can also help address common health issues and offer ways to tackle them.
  3. Company fitness classes: Sitting long hours in an office every day is not healthy. Offering company fitness classes will encourage employees to have movement.

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