Jon Morrow Joins Litespace as Advisor to Propel Innovation and Employee Experience

Jon Morrow Joins Litespace as Advisor to Propel Innovation and Employee Experience

Ziyad Bakkali

February 5, 2023

Jon holds a Bachelor of Science in Computing and Software Systems from the University of Washington. With a passion for technology that spans over two decades, including 16 years of professional experience, Jon’s technical acumen and deep understanding of the digital landscape uniquely position him to drive innovation at Litespace.

Jon Morrow's impressive career includes spearheading the development of Recharge's analytics platform and leading technical due diligence for Future Fit AI's $4.5M seed round. Notably, he is recognized for his innovative contributions as a principal inventor of Chef Automate Workflow and holds a patent on vertically integrated continuous application delivery. His expertise in system architecture, organizational change, and innovative product delivery is evident in his successful re-architecture of multiple platforms.

Jon's visionary leadership, strategic acumen, and ability to drive transformative organizational changes align perfectly with Litespace's commitment to enhancing employee experiences. His experience in remote work, spanning over a decade, resonates with Litespace's mission to facilitate seamless collaboration, efficient schedule management, and meaningful professional relationships for remote and hybrid teams. 

In joining Litespace, Jon expresses his enthusiasm for contributing strategic insights and fostering innovation within the company. He believes in the platform’s potential to shape the future of technology, especially in hybrid and remote work environments. 

"As someone who has embraced remote work for most of the past decade, I am thrilled to join the remarkable team at Litespace. Together, we will work towards building a cutting-edge technology platform that enhances workplace collaboration, schedule management, and professional relationships."

Litespace is excited to welcome Jon Morrow to its advisory board and looks forward to the collaborative journey ahead, shaping the future of employee experiences and technology within the company.

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