Litespace Awarded the Best Product of the Day on Product Hunt

Litespace Awarded the Best Product of the Day on Product Hunt

Aqsa Aamir

February 15, 2023

On February 2, Litespace was launched on Product Hunt. We are happy to announce that we were the number 1 product of the day and 5th for the week! 

A few months ago, the founders made a pivot towards focusing on hybrid scheduling and in person collaboration and we are happy to announce the launch of our new platform.

🧩 Our Story

We saw how deeply the pandemic had impacted companies’ culture and employee connectivity. While the hybrid approach is the future of workspaces, it brings its own challenges around office scheduling and communication on where everyone is working from. Our vision is to make the hybrid model work for both companies and employees by making office days more productive and purposeful.

⚒️ Who it is for?

Companies that want to improve corporate culture and employee productivity in hybrid work environments

🔥 Our new features include:

  • Receive office schedule recommendations to encourage in-person collaboration
  • Improve corporate culture and connectivity with smart event recommendations
  • Make data-driven decisions on your hybrid strategy through our advanced office analytics.
  • Connect with slack and make scheduling and communication seamless

Join us on our mission to revolutionize the future of hybrid work by starting your free trial today.

About Litespace

Litespace is the ultimate solution to the hybrid workplace dilemma. With smart scheduling, data-driven analytics, and seamless communication, it's the tool every company needs to foster a thriving corporate culture and unleash unprecedented productivity. For More Information, visit