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Unlock Meaningful Connections with 'Discover People'

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Unlock Meaningful Connections with 'Discover People'

We’ve got a new update coming your way. The new ‘Discover People’ feature is designed to elevate your engagement with colleagues. and foster meaningful connections within your workplace.

What’s New?

‘Coffee Chats’ are getting an enhancement. Now in addition to automated pairing, we’ve added new functionality to let you manually schedule coffee chats with specific coworkers at any time. There is also a new ‘Follow’ feature, which lets you establish connections with colleagues and keep up with their latest updates. With these changes, you’ll have more control over your social interactions and connections at work. 

‘Discover People’ also presents a snapshot of each individual’s profile. You’ll get to see their role, location, interests, and contact information, helping you maintain a deeper understanding of your coworkers. They’ll also come in handy in your regular interactions, making it easier to maintain engaging conversations.

What to expect with this update?

1. Enhanced Visibility:

The 'Discover People' update makes it easy for you to browse and discover colleagues at a glance. The grid view ensures that every profile is a window into a world of possibilities, helping you find the right people at the right time.

2. Efficient Networking:

With the ability to follow colleagues, you now receive updates that truly matter to you. You can identify and connect with relevant individuals based on their interests, skills, or roles, saving you time and facilitating quick networking.

3. Deeper Engagement:

The ‘Discover People’ feature opens the doors for more personal, substantive connections with your workplace community. Whether your interactions are virtual or in-person, our goal is to make collaboration natural, inclusive, and genuine, so that each relationship you build is meaningful.

Stay tuned for more updates from Litespace!

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