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Feature Improvement: Enhanced Smart Scheduling, Powered by Litespace AI

November 9, 2023
Feature Improvement: Enhanced Smart Scheduling, Powered by Litespace AI

We've upgraded our Hybrid Scheduling feature! ​​We’ve revitalized the UI for a cleaner look and supercharged Litespace AI to deliver superior scheduling recommendations. At a glance, you get a comprehensive view of your workweek, with activities laid out side-by-side to make navigating the interface simple and intuitive.

Key Improvements:

  • Advanced AI Recommendations: Litespace AI utilizes colleagues' statuses and behavioral patterns to generate highly accurate and personalized weekly schedules. Users can set and share their recommended schedule by simply clicking “Apply”.
  • Manual Selection: Users can also manually select or modify their recommended status for the day, retaining control over their schedules.
  • Comprehensive Insights: Users can easily see their team’s work locations and identify colleagues they follow who will be in-office on a specific day, making coordination, collaboration, and event planning a stress-free experience.
  • Enhanced User Interface: Experience a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, making schedule management effortless.

Bringing New Value

For managers and team leads, Smart Scheduling simplifies agile planning and decision-making, offering instant visibility into your workforce’s activities. For employees, this feature brings unparalleled flexibility to your work routine. Let Litespace AI handle the coordination for you so that you can focus on priorities that matter.

We’re confident this newfound autonomy will elevate your job satisfaction and enhance your workplace culture like never before. 

Rollout Status

The improved Smart Scheduling feature is implemented on our platform and ready for use.

Ready to start your journey with us? Book a demo call with us to learn how Litespace can upgrade your workweek planning and transform your workplace experience.

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