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Introducing Coffee Chats: Connecting Teams in the Digital Workspace

November 14, 2023
Introducing Coffee Chats: Connecting Teams in the Digital Workspace

Feeling Disconnected?

In today's hybrid and remote work environments, spontaneous, meaningful conversations can be rare. Coffee Chats is our innovative solution, designed to bridge this gap and eliminate awkward small talk.

Why Coffee Chats?

Every interaction counts in building a connected team. Traditional work models often lead to a sense of disconnection, especially in mixed remote and in-office settings. Coffee Chats tackles this by fostering casual yet purposeful interactions, transforming the concept of a 'work meeting'.

Key Features:

  • Automated Pairing: Enjoy bi-weekly, informal one-on-one chats. Our AI learns from your interactions, ensuring meaningful connections every time.
  • AI-Suggested Scheduling: Litespace AI identifies the best meeting times and places based on availability, making planning effortless.
  • Tailored Conversation Starters: Each pairing comes with a brief profile of your colleague, highlighting shared interests and potential discussion topics, steering clear of mundane small talk.

User Benefits

Engage in Coffee Chats to:

  • Foster connections across all levels, sharing ideas and updates.
  • Enjoy a vibrant social outlet and increased workplace engagement.
  • Participate in knowledge sharing for insightful learning experiences.
  • Build stronger relationships for enhanced collaboration.
  • Explore career opportunities through shared goals and advice.

Rollout Status

Coffee Chats is now on our platform and ready for use.

Ready to start your journey with us? Book a demo call with us to learn how Litespace can elevate your workplace experience by facilitating collaboration, connection, and alignment.

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