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Attention all gamers! Prepare for an epic showdown at our Super Smash Bros. Tournament! Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, join us for thrilling battles and friendly competition. Choose your favorite characters, grab your controllers, and get ready to fight for the title of ultimate champion. May the best Smash fighter win!

Resource Needed:

To successfully host a Super Smash Bros tournament, you will need the following:

  • Gaming Consoles: Provide gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch or Wii U with Super Smash Bros game cartridges or digital copies.
  • TV/Monitors: Set up high-definition TVs or monitors for each gaming console to display the gameplay.
  • Controllers: Supply a sufficient number of controllers compatible with the gaming consoles. This includes GameCube controllers, Pro controllers, or Joy-Cons, depending on the console and player preferences.
  • Super Smash Bros Game Cartridge: Ensure you have enough copies of the Super Smash Bros game for each gaming console. This allows multiple matches to take place simultaneously during the tournament.
  • Venue: Secure a suitable venue for hosting the tournament. Consider booking a larger venue if it is a bigger group of participants
  • Internet Connection: Ensure a stable internet connection if the tournament includes online play or requires software updates for the gaming consoles
  • Prizes and Trophies: Offer prizes or trophies for winners and top performers in the tournament. This could include cash prizes, gaming merchandise, gift cards, or custom trophies to recognize their achievements.


Day of Event

  • Set up projector: Ensure that the projector is properly set up and positioned to display the gameplay on a large screen for spectators to watch.
  • Set up stations with monitors and consoles for the game: Arrange gaming stations with monitors or TVs and gaming consoles (e.g., Nintendo Switch, Wii U) for players to compete in the Super Smash Bros tournament. Ensure that each station is equipped with controllers and the Super Smash Bros game ready for gameplay.
  • Test Equipment: Test each gaming station to ensure that the consoles, controllers, and monitors are functioning correctly and that the gameplay experience is smooth and responsive.
  • Test Internet Connectivity: Ensure that each gaming station has access to a stable internet connection if online play or software updates are required.


How big can I make this event?

  • Plan out the number of participants depending on the amount of consoles and monitors available. Plan out the venue accordingly as well.

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