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New England Agency (Amanda)

New England Agency (Amanda)
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  • HR Consulting


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    Amanda Shea is an HR Consultant, adjunct professor, and owner of The New England Agency with over a decade of experience working as a human resource/operations professional. Her work is rooted in psychological safety within the workplace. She serves as a board member for IAPMD and as a volunteer career coach for Hire Heros USA.

    Unique Value Proposition

    1. We leverage an evidence-based, strengths approach to building a solid team. After the diagnosis phase of the consulting process, we will provide a detailed action plan outlining how to tap into the strengths and creativity within your team to accelerate collaboration and, ultimately, success!
    2. As an HR consultant, my unique value proposition lies in my dedication to understanding your organization's unique needs and challenges. I specialize in crafting customized HR strategies that align with your business goals, culture, and values. From talent acquisition and retention to performance management and employee development, I offer comprehensive solutions that foster a productive and engaged workforce. With a focus on sustainability and long-term success, I partner with you to navigate complex HR issues, mitigate risks, and optimize your human capital investment. Let's collaborate to unlock the full potential of your team and drive growth together.
    3. Custom HR consulting service packages offer tailored solutions designed to address the specific needs and challenges of each client.

    Service Package

    Here's an overview of what such a package might entail:

    • Needs Assessment
      • In-depth consultation to understand your organization's unique goals, culture, and pain points. Analysis of current HR practices, policies, and procedures.
    • Custom Strategy Development
      • Crafting personalized HR strategies aligned with your business objectives. Designing tailored solutions for talent acquisition, retention, and development.
    • Policy and Procedure Development
      • Development or revision of HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Creation of employee handbooks tailored to your organization's culture and values.
    • Talent Management Solutions
      • Customized talent acquisition strategies, including recruitment process optimization and employer branding initiatives. Performance management systems tailored to your organization's structure and objectives.
    • Employee Engagement Initiatives
      • Designing employee engagement surveys and implementing feedback mechanisms. Developing personalized programs to enhance employee morale and satisfaction.
    • Training and Development Programs
      • Identifying skill gaps and designing training programs to address them. Customized leadership development initiatives to nurture future leaders within your organization.
    • Compliance and Risk Management
      • Conducting audits to ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations. Providing guidance on HR-related legal matters and risk mitigation strategies.
    • Ongoing Support and Advisory
      • Access to expert HR consultants for ongoing support and advice. Regular check-ins to assess progress and make adjustments as needed.
    • Scalability and Flexibility
      • Services can be scaled up or down based on your organization's evolving needs.Flexibility to adapt to changes in the business environment or industry.
    • Measurable Results
      • Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of HR initiatives. Regular reporting on progress towards achieving goals and objectives. By offering customized HR consulting services, we ensure that you receive solutions that are specifically tailored to your organization, ultimately driving greater efficiency, productivity, and success.


    Melissa Thompson

    • Amanda from The New England Agency was such a help to me through a transitional phase at our company. She took the time to meet with me and evaluate our HR compliance. After her assessment, she suggested modifications to many of our policies and procedures, and helped me implement some much needed additions to our HR checklist. She answered all of my questions, and is very responsive in email. I'm genuinely relieved knowing I have her to coach me through any HR situations which may arise. Glad to have made this connection with Amanda, and I will certainly continue to trust her recommendations.

    Rebecca Brouillette

    • Amanda went above and beyond when I was onboarding my new employee and I am so thankful! The process would not have been nearly as seamless or streamlined without her guidance, and as a small business owner that is completely invaluable to me. Having her support meant one less thing on my plate and I will absolutely be using her services again in the future!

    Sarah MacLean

    • As a small marketing firm owner, I was unsure how to handle onboarding my first employees. Amanda from The New England Agency stepped in and developed an onboarding plan with policies for new employees. She also made sure everything HR-wise was compliant. Highly recommend partnering with The New England Agency for outsourced HR needs.