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Join us for an exciting Speed Networking! Connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and make valuable connections in a dynamic and efficient format. Don't miss this chance to expand your professional network and accelerate your career!

Resource Needed:

Preparing for Corporate Speed Networking:

  • Venue Setup: Arrange chairs in a conducive layout for networking. Consider grouping chairs in pairs or small clusters to facilitate one-on-one conversations. Set up a designated area for registration and check-in, equipped with name tags or badges for participants.
  • Networking Zones: Divide the venue into multiple networking zones, each with its own set of chairs and designated networking time slots.- Assign participants to specific zones or allow them to move freely between zones during the event.
  • Timer: Use a reliable timer to keep track of networking intervals. Each networking session should last between 3 to 5 minutes to ensure efficient rotation and ample opportunity for interaction.- Display the timer prominently in each networking zone to keep participants informed about the remaining time for each session.


Right Before the Event:

  • Set up the Venue: Make sure to arrange the chairs based on your preferences
  • Chair Setup: Arrange chairs across from each other in pairs or small clusters to facilitate one-on-one networking conversation
  • Timer Setup: Set up a timer on a projector screen or other visible display to track networking intervals. Ensure the timer is visible from all networking zones.

Event Logistics:

  • Staff and Volunteers: Arrange for sufficient staff or volunteers to assist with event logistics
  • Registration: Check-in participants, distribute name tags or badges, and provide event materials.
  • Participant Guidance: Guide participants to designated networking zones, answer questions and provide assistance as needed.
  • AV and Technology Support: Ensure technical equipment such as projectors and screens are functioning properly, troubleshoot any issues, and provide support during the event.


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