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Who doesn't like a bit of trivia? Get ready for an electrifying night of Jeopardy! Challenge your knowledge in the ultimate trivia showdown. Join in for excitement and camaraderie you won't want to miss. We can't wait to have you with us!

Resource Needed:

Below are the resources you will need for an exhilarating Jeopardy Night:

  • Virtual Setup (including Zoom and Slideshow): Plan your Jeopardy Quiz using PowerPoint or Google Slides. Make a Zoom link for this event.
  • Tech Check: Before the event, conduct a tech check to ensure that your audio and video settings are working correctly. Test screen sharing capabilities to ensure smooth presentation of the Jeopardy Quiz slides.

Game Play & Rules:

  • Objective: The objective of Jeopardy Night is to accumulate the highest score by correctly answering questions across various categories.
  • Team Formation: Participants will be divided into teams, with each team consisting of a predetermined number of players. Teams can be formed based on individual preferences or randomly assigned by the host.
  • Game Format: The game follows the traditional Jeopardy format, consisting of a game board divided into categories and point values.
  • Each category contains a series of questions, with each question assigned a point value based on its difficulty.
  • The point values typically range from lower values (e.g., 100 points) for easier questions to higher values (e.g., 500 points) for more challenging questions.
  • If a team provides the correct answer, they earn the corresponding point value for that question. If the answer is incorrect, the points are deducted from their score.


Jeopardy Quiz Preparation:

  • Customize your Jeopardy Quiz to suit the interests and preferences of your audience. Create diverse categories ranging from general knowledge to specific themes or topics relevant to your group.
  • Craft challenging yet entertaining questions that will keep participants engaged and excited throughout the game. Incorporate multimedia elements such as images, videos, or audio clips to enhance the interactive experience.
  • You can use this link to make a Jeopardy:

Right Before the Event:

  • Open the Jeopardy quiz that you made
  • Open the Zoom link and share it with the participants


How to play Jeopardy?

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