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"Get ready for a virtual blast! Join us for Codenames game night from the comfort of your home. Codenames is a social game that encourages you to think on your feet. It always promises a fun a time. See you on the board! "

Resource Needed:

Here's how you can set up and play Codenames online with your team

Setting up the Game Session:

  • Ensure you have a Zoom or Google Meet session active, where you and your team members can communicate during the game.
  • Share the link to the Codenames online game with all participants. You can find the game link at:

Game Play & Rules:

  • Once all players have joined the Zoom or Google Meet session and the game link has been shared, decide on the team composition (Red Team vs Blue Team).
  • Designate one player from each team as the Spymaster. The Spymasters will have access to the key that reveals which words on the grid belong to their team.
  • The Spymasters take turns giving clues to their team members to guess the words associated with their team's colour on the grid. Remember, clues must be a single word and relate to multiple words on the grid.
  • Team members discuss and make guesses based on the clues provided by their Spymaster. The Spymaster covers the guessed words with their team's colour card.
  • The game continues with each team taking turns until one team successfully identifies all their words or one team accidentally selects the "Assassin" word.
  • If your team successfully identifies all your words, you win the game! But be cautious not to select the Assassin word, as that will lead to an instant loss.


For this event, you will need:

  • A computer/electronic device
  • A Zoom meeting link
  • A Game link to Codenames

How to Set Up:


How to play Codenames?

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