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Join us for a delightful outdoor picnic—a perfect day of relaxation, good food, and wonderful company. Embrace the beauty of nature and enjoy the simple pleasures together. Mark your calendars and bring your enthusiasm for a fantastic day of laughter and delicious food!

Resource Needed:

Here's what you'll need to host a Picnic:

  • Venue Selection: Choose a suitable location for the picnic, such as a park, beach, or outdoor recreational area. Consider factors such as accessibility, amenities (such as restrooms and picnic tables), parking availability, and any applicable permits or reservations required.
  • Picnic Activities and Entertainment: Plan outdoor games and activities to keep participants entertained during the picnic, such as frisbee, volleyball, lawn games, or scavenger hunts.
  • Sun Protection and Comfort: Sunscreen: Provide sunscreen and encourage participants to apply it regularly to protect against sunburn.
  • Seating and Relaxation: Get blankets and other seating items for comfort and relaxation

Picnic Supplies:

  • Picnic Blankets: Provide comfortable and durable picnic blankets for seating and lounging on the ground.
  • Picnic Baskets or Coolers: Pack food, drinks, and snacks in insulated picnic baskets or coolers to keep items fresh and chilled.
  • Disposable Plates, Utensils, and Cups: Ensure you have enough disposable or reusable plates, utensils, and cups for serving food and drinks.
  • Napkins and Paper Towels: Bring plenty of napkins and paper towels for cleaning up spills and messes during the picnic.
  • Trash Bags: Provide trash bags for collecting and disposing of garbage and recyclables properly.


1 Day Before the Event:

  • Finalize Picnic Details: Double-check all event details, including the date, time, and location of the picnic. Confirm reservations or permits for the picnic venue, if applicable. Verify the availability of any rented equipment, such as picnic blankets, chairs, or umbrellas.
  • Prepare food and drinks: Prepare and pack picnic-friendly foods and beverages, taking into account dietary restrictions and preferences of participants.

On the Day of the Event:

  • Set Up Picnic Area: Arrive early at the picnic venue to set up the picnic area and arrange seating, tables, blankets, and umbrellas as needed. Designate areas for food, drinks, activities, and relaxation to create a welcoming and organized space for participants.
  • Food and Beverage Station: Set up a designated food and beverage station with easy access to snacks, drinks, and serving utensils. Arrange food items attractively on serving platters or in picnic baskets for a visually appealing presentation.


What to bring to a picnic?

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