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Resource Needed:

To set up a laser tag arena or host a laser tag event, you'll need several key resources:

  • Venue: Choose a suitable venue depending on the number of participants for the event. Make sure to make an advanced booking
  • Gear:  Acquire high-quality laser tag guns and vests for participants to use during the game. These typically include infrared-emitting guns and vests that register hits and keep track of players' scores. Provide safety gear such as safety goggles or glasses to protect participants' eyes during gameplay
  • Laser Tag Arena: Ensure the venue you book has a suitable indoor or outdoor space for the laser tag game
  • First Aid Kit: Have a fully stocked first aid kit on hand to address any minor injuries or medical emergencies that may occur during the laser tag game
  • Refreshments and Amenities: Provide refreshments and amenities for participants, such as water stations, snacks, and seating areas


1 Week Before the Event:

  • Confirm availability: Ensure all interested participants are available at the time of booking
  • Confirm Booking: Reach out to the laser tag facility or event organizer to confirm your booking for the laser tag game. Verify the date, time, location, and any other pertinent details to ensure everything is for the event

Day of the Event:

  • Athletic Clothes: Wear comfortable athletic clothing that allows for freedom of movement during the laser tag game. Choose lightweight and breathable fabrics that wick away sweat to keep you cool and dry throughout the activity.
  • Running Shoes: Put on sturdy and supportive running shoes that provide traction and stability on various surfaces
  • Water Bottle and Snacks: For this event, you will need refreshments as you will likely be running a lot


What are some places for laser tag in Toronto?

  • You can find places to play laser tag through googling "Laster tag places near me" One example for a place to book laser tag is:

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