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Looking to be mesmerized? Our Magic Show promises to transport you into a realm of enchantment and astonishment like never before. We welcome you to an event full of tricks and surprises! Don't miss out on the chance to witness the extraordinary!

Resource Needed:

Here's what you'll need to prepare for the magic show:

  • Magicians: Make sure to book talented magicians in advance who can engage and entertain the crowd.
  • Props: Gather the props and tools needed to perform various magic tricks. This may include decks of cards, coins, rings, boxes, and other specialized props for specific illusions.
  • Stage: You will need a well-equipped stage with proper lighting and sound systems to enhance the performance and create an immersive experience for the audience. Consider the size and layout of the stage to accommodate different types of magic acts.
  • Costumes: Get eye-catching costumes for the magicians that reflect their persona and add to the overall ambiance of the show. Whether it's traditional magician attire or themed costumes for specific acts, the right wardrobe can enhance the magic and captivate the audience.
  • Assistants: Consider hiring trained assistants who can help with setting up props, coordinating backstage activities, and performing alongside the magicians to assist with illusions. - Ensure to Book in advance to give everyone time to plan out this event

You are welcome to bring a plus one to this event!


Two Weeks Before the Event:

  • Confirm the magician booking: Reach out to the magician(s) or entertainment agency to confirm the booking details, including date, time, location, and any specific requirements or preferences.
  • Ask interested parties to register for the event: Promote the event through various channels (such as social media, email newsletters, or posters) and encourage interested attendees to register in advance. This will help you gauge the expected number of participants and ensure adequate preparation.
  • Plan location and availability: If you choose to host the magician in a venue, figure out the details for the venue beforehand, and gather resources (such as chairs, stage space, and snacks) based on the expected number of people going to the event

Day of the Event:

  • Ensure the magician arrives on time: Contact the magician(s)  on the day of the event to confirm their arrival time and ensure they arrive punctually. Coordinate any necessary logistics, such as parking or loading/unloading equipment.- Set up snacks and the stage venue to prepare for the event


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