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You are invited to our Virtual Scavenger Hunt. Join us for an interactive and fun-filled adventure right from the comfort of your home. Enjoy a unique challenge as you navigate through a series of virtual clues and tasks. We hope you can make it for this exciting event!

Resource Needed:

Here's what you'll need for a successful and fun Virtual Scavenger Hunt!:

  • Online Platform: Use Zoom or another video conferencing platform to set up a virtual space for the scavenger hunt
  • Digital Scavenger Hunt List: Create a digital scavenger hunt list containing items, tasks, or challenges that participants can complete from their own homes. Make sure to only share this with participants once the event begins
  • Smartphones or Cameras: Encourage participants to use smartphones or cameras to capture photos or videos of completed tasks or found items during the virtual scavenger hunt. This allows for documentation and verification of scavenger hunt progress.
  • Digital Timer: Use a digital timer to set time limits for each round/task of the virtual scavenger hunt.
  • Virtual Scoring System: Implement a virtual scoring system to track points earned by participants throughout the scavenger hunt
  • Prizes or Rewards (Optional): Consider offering prizes or rewards for participants who complete the virtual scavenger hunt or achieve specific milestones


1 Week Before the Event:

  • Prepare a list of tasks/activities for the scavenger hunt (recommended to prepare a digital list that can easily be shared online)
  • Plan out the sequence of activities and approximate duration of each task
  • Select a video conferencing platform to host the virtual scavenger hunt, such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Discord. Ensure that all participants have access to the chosen platform.
  • If you have multiple hosts or moderators for the event, assign specific roles and responsibilities to each person.

Right Before the Event:

  • Open Video Meeting link: Set up a link for participants to join
  • Divide Teams & Share Tasks: Divide participants into teams (depending on total number of participants) and share the scavenger hunt list with them
  • Review Rules and Guidelines: Review the rules and guidelines for the virtual scavenger hunt with participants before the event starts.
  • Prepare Prizes or Rewards (Optional): If you plan to offer prizes or rewards for participants, ensure that they are prepared and ready to be distributed at the end of the scavenger hunt.


What are some ideas to put into the scavenger hunt?

How long should each activity be for the scavenger hunt?

  • Plan the duration of activities depending on the total group size. If there are a larger number of participants, ensure there is enough time to collaborate in a group setting, since multiple people might need to do an activity or discuss.

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